Squilla.Loans Update #2

Hello everyone,

First of all, we want to outline, that our team did not come for a quick win, and we have been building products and working in crypto throughout different times, including crypto-winter. We are committed to building great products, despite market downturns.

Changelly integration & Moonpay Integration

Now our users can Top-Up their balance in any currency. To do it simply choose the options, Deposit in any currency.

Plus we integrated fiat payments, and now you can buy cryptocurrency with fiat money without leaving our platform.

Advanced access

We heard your feedback, that as a new user you want to wider explore the platform. That is why now, our unverified users can perform a wider variety of actions, such as:

Full access to the deal forms: Request & Offer, including calculations

Full details of active Requests & Offers

New Media & Press

Recently we have been featured on bitcoin.com, Hackernoon, and American Crypto Association to name a few. Plus we updated our landing page to better showcase your reviews.

Backend & Security

New smart-contracts with Dai support were deployed alongside a number of smaller improvements, to increase stability.